About A Work of Cart

Helping over 80 clients build digital experiences, based on hundreds of user testing sessions & in-person interviews, you learn some things about how people use the Internet.

A different take on design inspo

There are plenty of websites—let's call them repositories—that collect examples of beautiful website design. Some are even focused specifically on eCommerce. As a designer & marketer, it's always frustrated me that these collections show you sites that are well-designed, but never tell you why.

While the name A Work of Cart implies that web design is an art—it's actually a science. I've spent more than a decade designing websites. I started my first eCommerce business at 17 (that site would not have been part of this collection). What goes into a great digital experience isn't art, it's a calculated approach that takes into account behavioral data & qualitative feedback from customers.

What you'll find here

Our collection includes an overview of each website in the collection, just like you'd find in a museum. Alongside the observations, you'll see helpful information that helps you understand the tactics behind the site. Designers are taught that form follows function. In modern web design, form *is* function.

You won't find any articles about design trends on A Work of Cart. You'll find the timeless methods that brands use to connect with their audience. These insights aren't for replication, but instead serve as an examination of ideas.

This collection is meant to inspire a new way of thinking about the sites you design, develop, and run. It's meant to help you craft new hypotheses & test them to find out what works best for you.

- Justin Jackson, Founder & Curator