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About A Work of Cart

What Even is This Site?

Happy you asked. A Work of Cart provides a unique perspective on eCommerce website design through the lens of design-forward user experience & conversion optimization.

Our goal is to help an entire ecosystem of eCommerce professionals expand their knowledge, stay ahead of trends, and build exceptional online retail businesses.

A screenshot of a beauty product eCommerce store prototype on canvas mounted on a wall
Three browser window wireframes stacked on top of each other showing the various phases of web design completeness

Our unique perspective

Effective eCommerce websites have multiple layers—you’ll see them referred to as the 5 Components. Our collection is curated based on our experience and the primary factors in digital customer experience: design, user experience, and marketing.

Built for an entire ecosystem of professionals

Online retail is a massive industry that’s attracted some of the world’s best talent. Our goal is to be a resource for anyone who works on eCommerce websites. Whether it’s design, marketing, or content, you’ll learn something that impacts the way you work.

Delivering actionable insights

Knowledge doesn’t mean much when it isn’t used. Our content is written in short form and packed with takeaways that help you improve conversion rates and increase customer satisfaction by testing new ideas quickly.

Start with the model

Everything on A Work of Cart is based on our proprietary five-part framework, The Masterpiece Model. We've isolated five key components of highly-converting eCommerce websites and compiled them into a model that enables you to quickly identify areas of improvement for your store.