April 3, 2021

Use your navigation as an overview of your product range

Your website's navigation is the first place visitors will look. Use the menu options to show your product range.

Site navigation is one component that impacts usability across your entire website. Due to its range and placement on a page, navigation is also the most visible element of any eCommerce experience.

This doesn't mean you should pack your navbar with promotional content; it does mean you should use your navigation as an area to help visitors quickly & easily understand what you sell.

A brief glance at any of the navigation menus above will tell you that: Summersalt sells swimwear and other apparel, Zee.Dog sells dog & cat gear, Skims sells underwear & loungewear, Moment sells photography gear, and UrbanStems sells flowers & plants.

Rather than a dropdown titled "products" or "shop," use the space to show your range. Remove any links that don't go to products or move a visitor toward a sale. This real estate should be aimed at moving visitors through the buyer's journey—that starts with finding products that interest them.