May 31, 2021

Communicate Value Immediately

Visitors land on your site to solve a problem. Effective landing pages let visitors know what's in it for them—and how the proposed solution is unique—as quickly as possible. 

In our tests, including a value proposition in the hero section of a homepage doubled the amount of visitors who scroll down the page. More importantly, progression rates increased by an average of 70%.

The perceived value of a product (or products) keeps visitors engaged; it makes them want to seize the opportunity to solve their problem. The problem could be as trivial as wanting to look good at the bar this weekend—what matters is that your product has a purpose beyond its material form. 

Enough with the philosophy; let's talk about these examples. 

In just two words—"toothpaste, reinvented"—Bite (top) conveys the uniqueness of their offering. They've taken something everyone has (hopefully) used every day of their life and made it new again. They even manage to incorporate the two top benefits in the sub-heading: "plastic-free and clean." A photo of the products in a modern setting painted with colorful gradients supports the message beautifully. 

Coterie (bottom) takes a slightly different approach on their homepage. Being greeted with too much information can overwhelm visitors, so they place the value proposition beneath the hero section. Instead, Coterie populates the hero section with an engaging heading: "This diaper is the right decision." Who doesn't love to make the right decision? As it turns out, the right decision unveils itself once you scroll to the next section, where you're greeted with one of the most impactful sections you'll find on any homepage. This section, alone, addresses four of the top customer pain points, providing an excellent introduction to the products and the brand.