April 27, 2021

Use lifestyle imagery to introduce your products on your homepage

Use immersive imagery to help visitors visualize themselves using your product(s).

When people are just getting to know your brand, your home page is where they'll start.

On product pages, lifestyle photography is essential in showcasing specific products in use. A home page, though, shouldn't sell anyone on a particular product. Instead, it's simply an introduction to your brand and your product range; it's a launchpad for the buyer's journey.

Lighting can be dramatic or playful, settings can be whimsical or artistic, and models can be young, old, casual, formal, professional, or working-class. Showing your products in use, as part of a buyer's daily life, allows you to communicate everything about your brand—all without saying a word.

In the examples above, you can see how Mene conveys an artsy & sophisticated personality, Zee.Dog appeals to a younger & hipper audience through cinematic photography, and Ipsa communicates comfort & togetherness over a meal.