Guideline #

Make it clear why your audience should care.

You've shown your visitors that you sell what they're looking for. They feel like your brand resonates with them. Now, you need to show them why your products are better than other options on the market. Show how your product can improve your visitors lives through benefits-focused copy and immersive imagery.

By Humankind appeals to their visitors' desire to be more environmentally friendly. Just below their hero section, they use just fifteen words to highlight their primary benefit (sustainability) and overcome their most common objection (natural products aren't as good).

DJI takes a more inspirational approach. Showing their products in use gives visitors an idea of how the products can impact their lives. It can be difficult to communicate the benefits of tech products without mentioning features, so photography is a great way to evoke emotion.

Baboon to the Moon never explicitly mentions a primary reason to buy their products. Photography of brightly colored bags conveys all their audience needs to know about the brand. For those who are tired of the same old luggage style, this brand will set you apart on your journey. They supplement this implied value proposition with some top-notch benefits like a lifetime warranty and waterproof construction.