Guideline #

Make it immediately clear what you offer.

Making it immediately clear what you offer can make or break a customer interaction. It’s not even about first impressions, but about getting the chance to further develop that first impression. If it doesn't look like you offer what the visitor is looking for, then they won't stay. It's as simple as that.

There are infinite approaches you can take. Just make sure that you're using your headings, sub-headings, imagery, and overall design to convey what you sell as soon as possible.

Pineapple Collaborative takes a subtle approach to telling visitors what they offer. Rather than mention it specifically, they show a photo of their beautifully packaged olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and salt.

It’s perfectly clear that they’re selling pantry staples, which is confirmed nicely by their H1. This approach works well if most of your products fit into one category.

Girlfriend Collective is promoting their new puffer jackets in their hero section. They sell much more than jackets, so they lead with their values.

When landing on their site, it's immediately clear that they sell apparel. The H1 indicates that the apparel is made from recycled materials. The rest of the website builds on this environmentally-conscious philosophy for a consistent message centered on sustainable manufacturing.

When you have a wider product range, you can lean on your brand values to tie together the types of products you sell.

For a more direct approach, look no further than Ipsa Provisions. This NYC-based meal delivery business leaves nothing to interpretation. Upon landing, it's clear what they sell; all while their imagery and overall aesthetic sets the tone for the quality of their products.