Guideline #

Make it immediately clear who your products are for.

Who is your target audience? Marketers often create buyer personas with unnecessary details like age and income. When we ask who your audience is, we're not asking what they are. Instead, think about their motivations, life goals, values, social lives, and priorities; think about what makes them tick.

Goodee is a great example of appealing to the values of an audience. By highlighting the positive social impact of the brands they carry, Goodee speaks to their target audience of people who care about buying from companies who do good.

The homepage quickly gives way to photos of high quality products, creating a nice balance of quality and purpose. Any thought that quality would be sacrificed for their values is quickly erased.

Hair care needs can vary a lot based on ethnicity. Prose understands the differing needs of their audience and communicates this almost instantly on their homepage.

While Prose is indicating that their brand is for everyone, their products are tailored to specific groups within their overall market. It's an effective approach that helps visitors understand how the brand fits their personal needs.

Slightly more subtle, Aēsop conveys an upscale personality through minimalism and bursts of color in packaging and photo settings. Browsing through Aesop's homepage is like walking through a modern art museum.

Throughout the site, you'll find quotes from history's great thinkers. The typography is mostly neutral but also a little dignified. The interface itself uses no color; the hallmark of a modern, minimalist design.

All of these elements culminate in a more opulent look that appeals to those who appreciate art and excellent design.

Sometimes, your products are built around the characteristics of individuals in your target market. Ash & Erie makes clothes for shorter men and they make this clear immediately after the hero section of their homepage.

It would be easy to just simply state who their products are for. Ash & Erie goes beyond a simple statement to explain how their clothes are designed specifically for their audience.