June 13, 2021

Allbirds proves that selling sustainability doesn't need to look like a PSA

Allbirds makes upscale-casual footwear and apparel. Sustainability is central to their laid-back yet refined personality. Allbirds does a fantastic job of intertwining their messaging, so quality, comfort, and style are inseparable from their eco-friendly business practices.

Allbirds Homepage Screenshot


Leading with products on the homepage

Lifestyle photography covers their homepage, with creative flourishes that keep Allbirds from seeming like an outdoor apparel brand.

The top half of the page focuses almost exclusively on the products—they start with their favorites, followed by a callout to their running category, then a horizontal array of general categories. The bottom half shines a light on their business practices and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the materials they use in their products.

The priority is to drive visitors closer to product details, with some additional information to help sway undecided visitors who make it past the top half of the homepage.

Using landing pages to educate shoppers

Most homepage clicks on the Allbirds eCommerce site will land on a product page, but one path stands out more than most.

Breaking into the running category is an endeavor in which Allbirds didn't have a ton of brand recognition. Long ruled by companies like New Balance and Asics; serious runners would prioritize the health of their knees over the use of sustainable materials.

Allbirds needs to prove to this segment that they're capable of developing a sneaker that can withstand the wear and tear that comes with higher performance. To make a more nuanced pitch, they've set up a landing page focused solely on the Tree Dasher, complete with immersive videos showing the product in use as well as a short film that takes visitors into the design process behind the sneaker.

Together with product visualizations and cutaways, these materials give the visitor an in-depth look at the engineering behind the product. It's a necessary detour that will help satisfy the more complex needs of the enthusiast segment of their audience.

Highlighting sustainable practices

In case you're wondering, those sections on the homepage about materials and manufacturing lead to some of the best pages you'll find on business practices.

Allbirds takes the opportunity to go through their four primary materials with videos that take visitors from raw goods to finished product in less than a minute. These engaging demonstrations lead to more informative sections that explain the benefits of each material.

Transparency builds trust, and there's nothing more transparent than taking your potential customers onto the factory floor to watch your product come to life.

Telling a story with a product page

Product pages typically don't look like this. While Allbirds keeps a familiar top-of-page structure, they opt for a more gallery-like approach to product photography. The left two-thirds of the page is used solely for high-quality product photos, including only one in-use image.

On the right side of the page, Allbirds again utilizes a standard structure for information and the call-to-action. The CTA stands out from other page elements, making the next step obvious for the visitor. Everything beyond the Add to Cart button reiterates value to convince the unswayed. The messaging starts with the highlights, followed by more detailed information like shipping, returns, and care.

Finally, below the top section, Allbirds weaves together a narrative that ties the benefits of their shoes (e.g., classic look, comfort) with their sustainable manufacturing practices. Each section showcases an in-use photo alongside a short blurb detailing the benefits of the product.

The entire page carries a conversation that tells visitors everything they need to know about the product. The weight and contrast of the page are perfect, and, most importantly, the design doesn't get in the way of visitors deepening their knowledge of the product—bringing them closer to a decision more quickly.

The beginning of something great

Allbirds strikes a friendly but straightforward tone with their audience. Overall, the site's design is modern and minimal, leaning into a look you'd typically see from a tech company. Nothing here really breaks the mold—which is entirely a good thing—while the imagery and content carry visitors through a meet and greet with the brand.

By leading with the quality of their shoes, Allbirds makes a compelling case for their products while allowing their values to act as a solid foundation for deepening brand relationships.


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