Bloomscape visually highlights our enduring relationship with plants

Bloomscape weaves together a unique experience using all the usual suspects—layout, color, typography, and dashing visuals. By paying homage to our relationship with plants, Bloomscape brings visitors closer to their products and their brand.

Bloomscape.com home page screenshot in browser window


Screenshot of major categories on Bloomscape's site

It's immediately clear what Bloomscape sells and how they deliver. They outline their product categories right below the hero section and quickly transition to their best sellers.

Screenshot of article on Bloomscape's site, showing their two main fonts and a lifestyle photo

Bloomscape's imagery, color scheme, and typography orchestrate an immersive and consistent experience.

Screenshot of Plants page, showing an array of product photos

Product photos include a table to show scale across various plant sizes and species.

Bloomscape lifestyle photo that shows a family sitting in a yard on wood adirondack chairs around an iron fire pit

Lifestyle imagery showcases attractive settings that include people interacting with plants as well as with loved ones, sharing a moment of connection.

Guidelines used:

Communicating value

Engaging the audience

Making it memorable


Mainstream Immersive
Home & Living
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Google Analytics
Google Optimize
Country of Origin:
United States
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