Blueland tells a gorgeous and instructive story about sustainability

By establishing a trustworthy sense of calm, Blueland clearly explains how, through cleaning products, customers can save the things they care about most—money, space, and the environment.

Blueland Home Screen on Background


Blueland powder dish soap being poured on a sponge over a stainless steel sink full of dirty dishes

The first content section effectively shows the product range and how each product works, headlined by engagingly informative graphics.

You Can Have it All: Scientifically proven clean, conscious ingredients, earth-friendly packaging, and refills start at $2

Blueland calls out affordability alongside characteristics typical of higher-end, more expensive cleaning products.

Blueland multi-surface cleaner being used to spray down a dirty stove top

Fantastic imagery puts the product in the hands of the visitor. The in-use photography puts us behind the bottle as though we're using it.

Screenshot of Blueland's complete product bundle on their homepage

Offering a bundle on the home page is a great way to accomplish multiple objectives at once. The list of items shows the full range of products in one place, and it makes it dead simple for customers to purchase many things at once, increasing AOV. 

Guidelines used:

Communicating value

Engaging the audience

Making it memorable


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