September 30, 2021

Bravo Sierra puts customers at the center of their minimalist masterpiece

From the start, Bravo Sierra reels you in to an experience that tells a riveting story about their brand and their products. It's a story with many characters and very little frills—the entire site is an extension of the straightforwardness employed by the heading in their hero section. It's to-the-point, but it's also in-depth and comprehensive.

Bravo Sierra website homepage screenshot


Making an immediate impact

The cast of male characters in their hero video conveys who the product is for, while the H1 lists three adjectives followed by the central noun—personal care. Visitors land on the homepage and don’t even need to scroll before learning what the site’s offering, who it’s for, and why they should care. 

Bravo Sierra homepage product card array

Getting to the point

Bravo Sierra doesn’t waste any time getting to the point. Once it’s clear what’s for sale, they take you right into their top products. Arrayed in a grid, each product card contains a simple product photo, a label to identify the product, and a testimonial under each product.

Opting to let customers tell the story of each product rather than a marketing-crafted description creates an experience that feels more like a discussion than a typical “buy your things and go" eCommerce journey. 

Bravo Sierra product set page

Simplicity done right

Minimalist website design seems so simple, but remains one of the more difficult styles to pull off. Bravo Sierra manages a black and white color scheme beautifully. The heaviest elements on the page are the calls-to-action; in most cases, the buttons.

Their use of different font weights, capital letters, font sizes, and symbols makes their use of only a single typeface —Theinhardt—work without blending together and looking like amateur hour. 

Bravo Sierra top of product page screenshot

Showing the depth of each product

These product pages don’t just show off a few product shots to get the job done. They build a depth that can’t be replicated. Rather than using models for lifestyle shots, they remain true to their commitment by featuring a different US military service member for each product variation.

While many stores only change the product photos when a different variation (i.e., scent) is selected, Bravo Sierra changes the content of the entire product page. 

Bravo Sierra product page detail screenshot

Customers as storytellers

Sometimes testimonials just aren’t enough. Social proof goes deeper than words on a website that were clearly part of a campaign to collect such sentiments. Bravo Sierra uses customer feedback throughout their entire site—from product cards, to imagery, to product pages, they’re everywhere.

Having so many quotes from customers feels less like a marketing ploy and more like entering a physical store, a pop-up, or even a trade show booth. It feels alive, it feels transparent; it feels like a community. 

Bravo Sierra Made in the USA callout section screenshot

Final thoughts

Overall, it's modern & minimalist—but for good reason. Their purpose is pure, the products are high quality, and their values are transparent. It's an experience that makes visitors feel like they're a part of something bigger than themselves—a community, a brotherhood. 

Most of all, Bravo Sierra proves that you can't overdo social proof. Why pay models and high-priced agencies when your customers can give you all the high quality content you need in a way that feels truly human?


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