May 30, 2021

By Humankind infuses a neutral palette with bright color & artistic imagery

By Humankind flips your expectations on their head with bright splashes of neon yellow-green for calls-to-action. It's a brilliant contrast with the rest of their design, which maintains a muted, art gallery look.

by Humankind Screenshot Main


Screenshot of By Humankind's How it Works section

Rather than simply telling visitors how their service works, By Humankind touches on all the benefits of their subscription service.

Screenshot of the header image of By Humankind's Plastic Offsets page

By Humankind lives their values. Not only are their products sustainable, but they make it easy for customers to lessen their plastic footprint by offering plastic offsets through a partnership with Plastic Bank®

Screenshot of the Glossary on the By Humankind website

Transparency in full effect. The Glossary section walks visitors through every ingredient they use, with links to each product where the ingredient is used.

Screenshot of a By Humankind product page

The top of the product page is the most important area for conversion. By Humankind makes it simple by keeping all information in one screen rather than allowing for a long scroll of information.


Artistic Modernism
Beauty & Cosmetics
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