May 23, 2021

Civil employs dramatic photography to spotlight their furniture as art

Immediately communicating value, Civil does an amazing job transitioning into a deep story about the craftsmanship & history behind their products.

Civil Screenshot Main


Screenshot of Civil's homepage featured products section

Civil provides a textbook example of consistency in photographic style. Lighting & shadows, setting, and colors are a constant throughout the imagery on their site.

Screenshot of Civil's "how it's made" page

Modern consumers want transparency. Civil takes visitors behind the scenes in a way that's almost academic in depth while remaining engaging.

Screenshot of a cutaway of a Civil sofa

Transparency goes beyond manufacturing practices. Civil shows off an easy-to-understand cutaway of their sofa to really drive home their level of quality.

Screenshot of Civil's Meet the Designer section

Civil creates a depth to the story they tell about each product. For each product (and throughout the site), they spotlight the designer behind the piece. This adds a human element and makes their furniture seem less "manufactured."


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