February 28, 2021

Daily Harvest paints their pared-down user interface with fruits & veggies

A nice departure from the typical meal delivery shopping experience, Daily Harvest perfectly unites real food & modern living.

daily-harvest.com home screen in browser window


You'd be forgiven for thinking Daily Harvest is a fruit & vegetable museum. Ironically, the thing that stands out most is how the interface is entirely devoid of color; even the photos' settings are white and gray. Drawing color only from the ingredients in their offerings, Daily Harvest still builds a visually engaging experience that's full of color.

Rather than showing their products in their prepared state, Daily Harvest opts for a more photogenic approach. By arranging whole ingredients, they effectively showcase what goes into their creations—proving just how natural their offerings are.

Daily Harvest uses Sailec, a clean and mostly neutral sans serif with just a touch of personality. It stands out from the trendy sans serifs of the moment while ensuring that nothing overshadows the main event.

The experience all comes together on their Our Story page (you'll want to put this one in your swipe file). Their mission is simple & direct, their ability to overcome objections (sustainability, sourcing, and "lack of freshness") is extraordinary, and it all comes to a conclusion with their relatable origin story, signed by their founder.

Daily Harvest provides a nice departure from the typical meal delivery shopping experience. It feels familiar—a fashion brand would feel right at home in the site's design—but it stands out in a space trying to look more organic. It's a visual ode to real food that's tailored to modern living.


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