March 7, 2021

Flamingo Estate's use of video instantly transports you to Southern California

Lush visuals immediately envelop you in this virtual oasis. Flamingo Estate hasn't built a retail experience; they've created a mesmerizing daydream.

flamingoestate.com home page screenshot in browser window


Lush visuals immediately envelop you on entry into this virtual oasis. The video is an immersive montage of a cinematic spring harvest, communicating Flamingo Estate's pleasure-centric philosophy.

Mixing an open-source font—Ortica by Collletttivo—with one of the most famous typefaces on the planet—Maison Neue by Milieu Grotesque—shows extreme confidence in one's eye for design. Here, it perfectly aligns with the imagery to convey a sense of natural harmony.

Flamingo Estate's About page delivers a narrative of sustainability zig-zagging through a photo spread that would be right at home in Architectural Digest. All of these visual elements compose a story that stirs up an emotional response.

Flamingo Estate hasn't built a retail experience. They've created a mesmerizing daydream.

Curator's note: Speaking of dreams, take a look at that hero section. Even the newsletter pop-up, nestled at the bottom of the hero section on the first entry, cleverly aligns with the rest of the layout.


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