January 31, 2021

Floyd's commitment to their roots exemplifies their pursuit of timeless quality

With a simplicity that squeezes the importance out of every word, Floyd demonstrates their brand personality in the way they communicate.

Floydhome.com Home Page Screenshot


On their home page, Floyd tells you exactly who they are in less than a hundred words. This simplicity squeezes the importance out of every word, demonstrating their brand personality in the most meaningful way possible.

To drive the point home, Floyd utilizes their own custom typeface, Floyd Gothic, for every word on the page. According to the designer who created the typeface, Sam Bumbalo, "[t]he typeface, [represents] the company's Rust Belt heritage [and] is drawn from the letters of an old steel factory sign where the founders’ grandfather worked."

This commitment to their roots exemplifies Floyd's pursuit of timeless quality. While many visitors may not be able to distinguish between a custom typeface and a system font, Floyd Gothic embodies the brand and communicates more than the words it assembles.

The site is the epitome of casual modernism. A scroll down any product page takes you through down-to-earth staged rooms and lifestyle photos. The content feels like it's delivered by a close friend with intimate knowledge of the business. It's a warm and hospitable experience that's befitting of a company that's true to itself.


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