May 16, 2021

Loah's retail experience places you poolside from anywhere in the world

If you're looking for a site that feels like a pool day, look no further. Loah has assembled an experience that lives up to their promise of "sunshine all year round."

Screenshot of the loah.beer website home screen


Screenshot showing Loah's use of typography to convey personality

Loah uses three obscure fonts—TG Glifko, Labor Union, & Ballpoint—to establish an inviting tone with their content.

Screenshot of Loah's header image showing text overlay on an image of a person laying in a beach chair drinking

Taking type treatments a step further, Loah overlays their exquisite imagery with typographic illustrations and hand-drawn design elements to add personality to the top of the page.

Loah reviews are laid out like gallery items in an interactive slideshow

Reviews always look the same. Loah breaks the mold with an iTunes-circa-2008 aesthetic that's eye-catching and influences interaction.

The top of Loah's product pages have just two options for their one product

It's easier to simplify when you have just one product, but Loah doesn't overcomplicate things. Just two options adorn the top of their product page, just above a high contrast Add to Cart button.


Casual Modernism
Food & Beverage
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United Kingdom
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