Otherland dazzles with bright colors and immersive photography

Without wasting a single pixel, Otherland delivers potent copy supported by stunning yet functional imagery. It's a unique approach that portrays the brand as so much more than its products.

otherland.com home screen in browser window on colorful background


Otherland homepage hero section with bright purple and dark pink gradient background

Through a harmonious display of color that washes over a unique setting, Otherland makes it immediately clear that you're not visiting a typical candle company.

Screenshot showing Otherland's product photography with flowers and props in set design

Gorgeously vibrant scenes serve a purpose beyond looks; selling scented products online with descriptions and plain photos, alone, is difficult. Maximizing engagement of the visitor's senses enables them to better understand the product.

Screenshot of a short blurb about spring time on the Otherland website

On the Spring Collection page, Otherland takes you on a short journey through the products in story form. It's a clever way to make the collection more cohesive, rather than allowing customers to see these as three separate products.

Screenshot of homepage section highlighting the origin story of Otherland

Otherland boasts an exceptional About page that tells visitors who started the company, why they did, and how they bring their mission to life through their products. You'll struggle to find a page that more effectively uses photography, story, and layout to craft a compelling narrative.

Guidelines used:

Communicating value

Engaging the audience

Making it memorable


Mainstream Immersive
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Google Analytics
Google Optimize
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United States
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