June 6, 2021

Seed leads with science to create an educational retail experience

Information saturation makes selling supplements an uphill battle. Seed uses an academic approach to target the knowledge-hungry portion of their market. Through a simple, modern interface, they focus on facts & data to sell their product.

Seed Screenshot Main


Screenshot of a section of Seed's homepage

Seed introduces their brand & product by brilliantly merging a scientific and natural approach. While it seems clinical at times, the aesthetic is always tied back to the natural foundations of science.

Screenshot of Probiotics 101 section of Seed website

When educating visitors, it can be difficult to keep them engaged. The use of a clean typeface and masterful hierarchy breaks up the blocks of text to create something that's enjoyable to read.

Screenshot showing more information about Seed's probiotic product

Knowing your audience is the most important lesson from Seed's website. They don't dumb down language to make it more mainstream. This is a brand for those who like the ability to dig into research.

Screenshot showing Seed's probiotic capsule opened up

This isn't your typical product page, but it keeps a familiar structure despite its unique layout. The second product image is the epitome of showing rather than just telling.

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