May 9, 2021

Snif utilizes neutral colors and fonts to create a welcoming experience

It's hard to find a weak spot here—Snif uses every aspect of their website to build a compelling experience. It's a maximal approach that so many sites struggle to get right, but they pull it off and make it look effortless.

Snif home screen on image background


Featured product section from the Snif website, showing their top fragrance named sweet ash

Though sparse, the imagery used throughout the site embodies the brand's personality. It doesn't oversell the product; instead, it complements the content nicely.

Screenshot how Snif's free trial works

Snif's trial program isn't something many visitors will be familiar with. A "how it works" section gives potential buyers an idea of what they can expect—reducing uncertainty in the decision-making process.

Screenshot of product cards from the Snif website

More visual differentiation between the products would be helpful, but the interactions on these product cards warrants mention. On hover, the card expands and reveals buttons that take the visitor to the next step in the journey.

Screenshot of product reviews from the Snif website

Finding new, engaging ways to present information is key to standing out. Snif goes beyond the typical press review structure to create a section that reads more like a mood board.


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