Tracksmith goes the distance with lifestyle photography

Tracksmith has built a nearly flawless visual experience that celebrates their passion for running. Their exquisite storytelling extends through product pages and deepens relationships with the running community in their About & Programs sections.

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The Track House - Located at 285 Newbury Street in Boston’s historic Back Bay, the Trackhouse is our first retail store and a community hub for runners

The home page content introduces Tracksmith's deep commitment to the running community and increases the perception of quality.

Screenshot of Tracksmith's Spring collection lookbook

Clicking View Lookbook from the hero section brings you to a magazine-style photographic journey that features their Spring 2021 collection.

Screenshot of Tracksmith's category page showing an array of outerwear for running

Category pages provide a scannable array of product images, along with clear product names and stylized pricing that adds to the timeless New England theme.

Screenshot of Tracksmith's product page imagery showing two men running in a desert

Product pages are photo-forward. Rather than a strip of thumbnails to showcase product images, Tracksmith takes you on a journey through the product’s story.

Guidelines used:

Communicating value

Engaging the audience

Making it memorable


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