Trade's relentless focus on visitor needs leads to an exceptional user experience

It's easy to see Trade's website as purely utilitarian, but it's this simplicity that makes their site so effective. Nearly everything is benefits-focused, using imagery and bold typography to communicate value throughout the journey.

Drinktrade.com Home Screen


Trade Coffee subscription page hero section showing the benefits of their coffee subscription service

Trade does an incredible job explaining and reiterating value throughout their experience. On their Subscriptions page, they convey convenience, quality, personalization, and even throw in a special offer, all in the hero section.

Trade Coffee how it works section, showing the three steps to signing up & receiving coffee

How a subscription works may seem obvious to most. Still, it's a great idea to provide reassurance so visitors know exactly what to expect—this creates certainty and trust.

Trade Coffee testimonials showing a group of coffee bags and a headline reading "2 million bags delivered"

Another point in the effort to reduce friction and uncertainty, Trade provides social proof that incorporates visual cues alongside qualitative and quantitative evidence of their reputability.

Screenshot of Trade Coffee's category page with helpful product filters

Filters aren't the sexiest component of any site, but Trade goes to great lengths to help visitors find precisely what they're looking for. This is a must for any vertical with a connoisseur-level customer base (e.g., coffee, wine, cigars).

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It's easy to see Trade's website as purely utilitarian. The photography aims to complement the content but doesn't go out of its way to inspire—the content is the focal point here. Nearly everything stated is benefits-focused; the intent is to communicate their role in the buyer's relationship with local roasters throughout the country.

In that same vein, Trade does an incredible job of putting roasters in the spotlight. Rather than put their brand first, they're clear about their role as the curator of exceptional coffee. You'll find the logos of independent roasters throughout the site, with complete roaster profiles available for each company.

While it may not be the sexiest aspect of this collection, Trade's filtering functionality is second to none. They provide a filter for all the major factors a coffee connoisseur would need. If you like single-origin, pulped natural/honey processed coffee from Ethiopia with citrus notes, they've got you covered.

It's this relentless focus on visitor needs that lands the Trade site in the Gallery. From copywriting to usability, they've optimized to provide one of the better customer experiences you'll come across.


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