September 23, 2021

United by Blue creates a brilliant synergy between product quality & company values

A dedication to the environment is central to everything that United by Blue conveys throughout their website. From the photography and layout to the in-depth look at their manufacturing practices, it’s an experience that communicates quality to those who prize exploration and adventure.

United by Blue homepage screenshot on nature background


United by Blue makes their values clear and connects with their audience on a point that both value immensely—the environment. About as common as free shipping on orders of $100+, mentions of sustainability are the price of entry for many DTC brands these days. 

Here, United by Blue calls out their dedication to their promise of removing one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product purchased. Beyond this, though, you don’t see the brand overreaching on eco-consciousness. 

Immediately, you’re greeted with a brand that feels modern yet timeless, with a touch of adventurousness. United by Blue achieves this through great photography, an ocean-inspired color scheme, and a strong type pairing that’s accessible to anyone with a Creative Cloud subscription—Abril Titling & Pragmatica

screenshot of united by blue homepage new products section

Immerse visitors in your product range

On a product-level, they showcase a wide array of products on their homepage. Using a tab treatment in the first section of product cards helps them quickly showcase featured products in the New Arrivals, Men’s, and Women’s categories. This gives way to a side-scrolling list of top categories with engaging photography. 

Finally, United by Blue makes a powerful closing argument by dedicating the entire bottom half of their homepage to their sustainable values, inviting visitors to learn more about their approach. 

screenshot of united by blue homepage array product categories and materials

Trust is built with transparency

Engaging visitors with professional design leads them to learn more about the mission. United by Blue presents their business practices in an open and honest way. From sustainable materials to ethical manufacturing, they bring you behind the scenes to see the roots of their social commitment. Younger generations want to feel good—not just about themselves and their status, but about their impact on the world around them. Modern brands are harnessing the power of storytelling to create a competitive advantage out of social responsibility. 

screenshot of united by blue environmental values section

Show your personality with motion

Throughout their site, United by Blue uses subtle movement to make the experience feel more alive. The slow side-scroll of the alert bar background and a couple of sections further down on the homepage resembles the slow roll of ocean waves; it’s relaxing and feels natural, especially in this context. 

screenshot of united by blue mens shirt product page

Let your products tell the story

Product pages are a strong point for UBB. In fact, these are some of the most effective product images you’ll find in our collection. A wide array of original lifestyle shots add interest to incredibly detailed close-ups of the product itself. Every angle, every color, every detail down to the texture of the fabric can be seen in the product photo gallery. 

Scroll past the top of the page and you’ll find explanations behind the materials used to create the product, followed by information about the factory where it’s made. It’s this level of detail that reiterates transparency and keeps visitors engaged. Who knew you could make shirt buttons out of tree nuts?

screenshot of united by blue tree nut buttons section

It just feels honest

Overall, United by Blue establishes a trustworthy connection with visitors through a solid foundation of social values. They’ve crafted an attractive brand out of their philosophy, and they share it brilliantly with their audience through the exquisite use of visuals, layout, typography, and color. You can’t look anywhere without being reminded of their commitment to the environment—and as a Certified B Corp, that’s precisely the point. United by Blue manages to weave this story together, powerfully and sincerely, while keeping their product quality and style at the center of it all. 


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